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Who is behind de la Torre Skin Care?

About us

Hello, My name is Antoinette Cresci de la Torre. I am the founder of de la Torre Skin Care and a licensed aesthetician in California. I have been practicing skin care since 2004. I originally started this skin care line under the name of my skin care and healing practice, Bella Luce in 2008.  I am a mother, a wife, a former professional figure skater, an Egyptian dancer, a Surfer and an artist. 

Over the years I have used and sold many different skin care lines that claim to deliver results. Since I want to use what I sell, and the lines I was working with fell short of my expectations, I had to find a way to offer products that were botanically based and clinically proven to work. I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Hence, the birth of de la Torre Skin Care.

My hope was to offer a line that truly had products for sensitive skin. I mean really reactive skin. At the time I had quite a few clients with very reactive dermatitis on their faces, everything irritated them, even the so called sensitive skin products. I also had a number of acne clients, not just teen agers, but adult men and women that were struggling with their skin. And women with environmental damage that were not getting the results they wanted. I have something for everyone but I am most excited about the Soothe and Restore line of products. They are all formulated for people that have truly sensitive, reactive skin. These products are clean and soothing and completely unscented. Thats right, luxurious, unscented skin care product that actually help heal the skin and reverse environmental damage. 

I hope you find these beautiful skin care products as nourishing and effective as I do. They have only been available in my brick and mortar office up until now.

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