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So, Where can I get a facial with these products?

About us LED Services

I have had customers inquire about services with de la Torre Skin Care products. So here we are... Before the inception of de la Torre Skin Care products, I started a small business, more of a private practice actually, It's called Bella Luce ~ Skin Care and Healing Center. Its a very small wellness center located in Pacifica, Ca. I have had this brick and mortar space for 11 years now and continue to practice skincare and bodywork on a daily basis. In addition to these amazing products that are now offered online, I also offer, skincare services which include, facials, micro current treatments, waxing and LED light therapy. For stress reduction and muscle pain, I also offer, body work services. More of that on my service website bellalucepacifica.com. 

This brings me back to one of the services I now offer, LED Therapy. Light Emitting Diode (LED) photo therapy, is the application of light energy for the purpose of improving cellular performance. This is a great service for almost anyone. Its a great value for those that are on a budget. It can be a stand alone service or added to any facial, micro current, or bodywork session. This modality uses Blue, Red and near infrared wave lengths. Blue penetrates through e top layer of skin known as the epidermis to kill P .acnes bacteria. Red penetrating deeper into the dermis and can enhance collagen and elastin production. Near-infrared penetrates the deepest and increases micro-circulation for tissue repair, decreases inflammation and helps with pain. 


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