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Home care protocol.

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I have had many clients ask me what they can do if they don't have time to go get a facial. I'm the first to say that you cant replace the touch of a gifted esthetician, but you can make a big difference in your skin if you take the time at home to care for your skin. 

First and foremost cleansing twice a day is a must. When we cleanse our skin, we are activating our skins natural cleansing ability. As we massage the cleanser into the skin four things are happening. We are moving lymph, bringing blood flow to the surface, our skin is absorbing the ingredients in the cleanser and our skin is purging debris through the pores. All this just with a cleanse. This is why a high quality cleanser is essential. The facial cleanser is chosen based on skin type. (dry, oily, combination, acne)

The second thing that is important is regular exfoliation. It is important to exfoliate 3 times a week. I prefer an enzyme over a scrub. An enzyme actually digests dead skin cells leaving  smooth skin that is ready to receive the power packed serum that you just purchased. If your skin isn't exfoliated the serum can't penetrate and get to where you want it. 

The next step is your facial mask. This is a home treatment and can be done once a week. Depending on the mask, twice a week. The mask is chosen based on the skin condition. (dehydrated, oily, acne, aging, rosacea) Our masks are very concentrated and can be mixed with the moisture boosting gel to add hydration. 

Next, is the facial serum. Again, these products are based on the condition of the skin. If you have dehydrated skin you may want to use the Hydrating Plumping Serum and the Nutritive Oil. If you are battling sun damage, Cell Renewal Serum daily and Retinol at night. If you have redness, the Soothe and Restore Serum is a must.

Finally your moisturizer and SPF

You have just given yourself a home facial treatment. 

Stay tuned for our mixology tutorials. These products can be customized!



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